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Christmas Light Product Pricing & Set-up Fees

This page is to help customers choose the right product for their needs and to understand the pricing for set up and take down. Canada Yard Pro will either supply lights for you (please see our price list for cost of lights), or put up your existing lights, LED lights only, we no longer install traditional glass lights. Clips will still be required at a low additional cost of $10.99 per bag of 100.

*Note: Canada Yard Pro has chosen to be the first Christmas Light Company to go Green. Therefore, we will no longer supply or set up traditional glass bulbs. Only energy efficient LED's can be used.

2011 Christmas Light Product Pricing & Set-up Fee's Product pricing: LED C9 bulbs are the same size as traditional glass bulbs and are recommended for House outlines and large pine trees.

C9 Multi Color 50's: $31.99 per strand (ON AVAILABILITY ONLY)
C9 Multi Color 25's: $17.99 per strand
C9 Blue 25's: $19.99 per strand
C9 Red 25's: $19.99 per strand
C9 White 50's: $36.99 per strand (ON AVAILABILITY ONLY)
C9 white 25's $20.99 per strand

Note: white C9 bulbs are available in Warm white (traditional white) or Cool white (slight blue tinge). Please specify when booking your installation.

LED C6 bulbs are smaller, perfect for small trees or tree wraps this size bulb does not work well on house out lines.

C6 Multi Color 100's: $26.99 per strand
C6 Blue 70's: $24.99 per strand
C6 Red 25's: $20.99 per strand
C9 Red 70's: $20.99 per strand
C6 White 100's: $35.99 per strand
C6 White 70's $26.99 per strand
Flood Light: $16.99
4.5m Extension Cord: $9.99
15m Extension Cord: $24.99
Christmas Light Clips 100's: $10.99 per box

**Canada Yard Pro only marks up lights approximately $2.00 per box, making our company the cheapest Christmas light installation company to purchase your lights from. We buy all of our lights from Canadian Tire, providing you with the best selection and quality of Christmas lights available in Canada.

We will set up LED lights that are not purchased from us; however, we recommend you have us provide the lights for you. By doing this, we will have the correct color match, the right quantity of lights and the appropriate accessories to complete your job properly.

Prices for installation:

  • 1st level $1.00 per linear ft
  • Trees $1.00 per linear ft
  • 2nd/3rd level $2.00 per linear ft
  • Peaks $2.00 per linear ft

***Minimum installation charge is $150.00 for Bungalows or 1st level only.

***Two storey homes and up, minimum installation charge is $250.00.

Take down fee for existing Christmas Light customers: $75, (based on a regular sized house), lights are boxed and labeled for you. ***Additional charges may apply for larger homes, or lights that have been stapled on by other companies, as these require extra time for take down.

Please note: Service calls for non-warranty installation repairs or re-clipping lights that have been damaged by wind, heavy snowfall, or for lights that have been left up all season start at $75 per call and will be billed out per linear ft as required.

Christmas light prices may vary according to Region and availability of some items.